Loghat-nameh Dehkhoda. Be the first to review this product. Ships within weeks. $ Qty: Add to Cart. OR. Product Description; Reviews; Additional. Loghat-Nameh Dehkhoda. by asghar62February 18, no comment. Are you looking to find a meaning oor the root of a Farsi (Persian) word, then you can. Even though this blog is intended for private use, I decided to type up some information about studying at the International Centre for Persian.

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Lohhatnameh Advanced 2 we have to read and then verbally summarise a small newspaper article, plus finish a page of our booklet. August 24, at This is an old house that has been restored and changed t Could you please send me your email?

I think there are a lot of perks for you: Abbas Loghatnmaeh September Due to my plans for study in Syria falling apart spectacularly with the country, I only applied for my Iranian visa 2 months in advance.

And my reading and writing is less than a 3rd grader. I don’t want loghatnamdh be on the lease, but just rent a room if possible. I was thinking of finding a sharehouse in Sth Tehran, as I heard that Nth Tehran rooms are expensive which I can’t afford.


Studying at Loghatnameh Dehkhoda | العربية و فارسی

My friend is living at the dorm now and I know she has had very slow internet access and very little Facebook access. The whole trip was a highlight! This is the class that Iranian-khareji usually Iranian-American who are fluent speakers but just want to learn loghatnqmeh to read and write get dumped in, much to the frustration of everyone else. August 6, at 7: This is my other option and I will wait until my friend does debkhoda course this winter so that I can hear about it, but is there anyone here who’s used this accommodation?

After two and a half years of pretty half-arsed study 4 hours a week, complaining upon being given a weekly vocab list of more than 15 wordsI was placed in Advanced 1, which was the right level for me. Kindly share this information with anyone interested in learning Persian reading:.

موسسه لغت نامه دهخدا

The fax machine never works. And when does the ICPS tell you that your application has been accepted?

Thank you for your advice. Yazd in 3 hours NB I dehkjoda live at uni accommodation in Australia so I know it’s not great, but I am ok with it unless it’s dirty or severely lacking in facilities. Tehran Time-Out in Iran? Hello, I’m planning to study Persian starting from beginning of February I have no idea whether any of this helped or whether I was just lucky.


Loghat-Nameh Dehkhoda

This textbook includes passages…. I am going to attend the intesive course starting on I hassled the poor admin guy constantly by email I apologised as soon poghatnameh I saw him, luckily he is a chilled dude.

We have told several friends, and I think a couple of them are serious about making the journey. This might include coming home very olghatnameh or constantly being asked what you are doing. MTN Iran or Irancell is good. When you arrive, you enrol, pay, and take a quick placement test.

It does have 4 computers in the library which you can use to get internet access, but they are loghatnaneh slow. I was a nervous wreck for at least 3 weeks beforehand.

Dehkhoda Dictionary

September 26, at 5: A loghatnameu in charge of the applications told me that that I would receive my visa number 10 days before the course start. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Students tend to be younger, in the age group, but there are a number of older students as well.