Into the Dreaming [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A long-out-of-print novella by Moning (The Immortal Highlander, , etc.) that’s padded with previously unpublished bits and pieces of her. The Hardcover of the Into the Dreaming (Highlander Series #8) (with bonus material) by Karen Marie Moning at Barnes & Noble.

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Two humans are the pawns in this game: It was the reason I started reading your books. Lots of mish-mashy stuff, none of it mind-blowing. There is an excerpt from Dark Fever in this book, okay I am guessing that most people paying the new release price kaen read Dark Fever and if not — it is readily available elsewhere.

There was a problem adding your email address. Aeden is like an amnesiac. Pity it was such a short book. Get it from the library, look for the older anthology Tapestry and read the short story there.

Detailed Review Summary of Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning

I monlng tell you that no matter the size and roughness of Aedan, not to mention the good looks, that he was too cute. Oh, don’t tell me it’s a fantasy romance so realism is dresming needed here, a certain amount of realism is needed in every book.

The important part in all of this is what happens afterwards between the king and queen, perhaps we can finally understand what happened to her prior to the walls coming down? Haunted every night of her life by a devastatingly sexy Highlander who comes to her while she sleeps, Jane tries to write him out of her head and heart. Into the Dreaming lure them deep where they shall love whilst they doth sleep then in the waking both shall dwell ’til love’s fire doth melt his ice-born hell.


Into the Dreaming, the short story, is not connected in story arc to any of the highlander books and many fans read it last — after having finished Spell of a Highlander. Not impressed at all.


Jane Sillee is transported back to Scotland in the ‘s to Aiden’s family castle. Jane knows he’s real, and one day, she’s sent a tapestry with his likeness woven into it, and when she holds it out, she’s taken to Scotland.

Again, in my opinion the alternate opening is not worth the time to read. Who doesn’t love Karen Marie Moning’s work? In the Dreaming you have loved him… Haunted every night of her life by a devastatingly sexy Highlander who comes to her while she sleeps, Jane tries to write him out of her head and heart. This dreaimng my favorite line: I loved this book, eventhough it was really short, I read it in almost 4 hours. However, I did like the idea that the Unseelie king had kept Aedan in Faery for years and tortured him I like angst and then deposited him back in Knto for a mon I am still wondering where this book fits into the Highlander Series.

Into the Dreaming Book Summary and Study Guide

Out Beast’s name is Aedan MacKinnon, who tye been held prisoner and tortured for five hundred years. Free him from his ice-borne hell Apr 11, Jilly rated it liked it.


There atop one of the turrets glaring down at her, is her Highland Warrior. Hope to see you in Temple Bar! Who am Drewming to say no?

The Faery queen is not happy to know that the Dark King has kidnapped a Highlander that is a direct decedent of Highland royalty, so she decides to help him mning his love at the end of his imprisonment.

There is a glimpse of the Unseelie King and a little background on the Seelie Queen.

Searching time, she finds his one true mate. Of course, this means the Seelie or Fae Queen gets involved because she has a little rivalry going with the Dark King.

Oh, and there’s an ebook version full of extras. Why is this interesting? To ask other readers questions about Into the Dreamingplease sign up.

Into the Dreaming | Karen Marie Moning

But for a novella, it was a good read. Jane has one month to realize she’s not dreaming, make Aedan remember who is was, and make him fall in love with her. Hello Karen, i’ve just read books in the Highlander series.