Jingo (A Discworld Novel) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A weathercock has risen from the sea of Discworld and. Jingo is the twenty-first novel by Terry Pratchett, one of his Discworld series. It was published in The title can be related to the word jingoism, meaning an . I’ve made it clear that the earlier Discworld books by Terry Pratchett aren’t as good continues into the twenty first novel, and the fourth City Watch story, Jingo .

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Like Liked by 1 person Reply. This is Pratchett on top form, spinning interlocking storylines together, mixing serious and silly utterly seamlessly. Poznati cinik i ironik Pracet dohvatio se politicko-diplomatske tematike i objasnio nam ukratko pocinju ratovi, sta se desava sa ljudima, medjuetnicke sukobe i jos trista nesto svasta.

I may leave rereading it for a while… Like Like Reply.

A chance to see the Watch characters in a slightly more normal situation and at a relaxed pace, at least in the first half of the book. I agree that Jingo is extremely funny and also choppy and all-over-the-place a bit. It was so much easier to blame it on Them.

A chunk of rock suddenly appears in the ocean halfway between them and the nation of Klatch which seems to be the Middle East, though it sort of has a Turkish flavour to it — though for all we know it could simply be France — they don’t have pubs, they have beer gardens. It happens with book number twenty, Hogfather, and continues into the twenty first novel, and the fourth City Watch story, Jingo.

The attempted assassination breaks off relations between Ankh-Morpork and Klatch as Prince Khufurah’s brother, Prince Cadram, effectively declares war on the city of Ankh-Morpork. People’d live for ages side by side, nodding at one another amicably on their way to work, and then some trivial thing would happen and someone would be having a garden fork removed from their ear.


Jingo (novel) – Wikipedia

Ironically, the phrase has become a popular reassurance: Jingo is a fantasy novel by British writer Terry Pratchettpart of his Discworld series. The World of Poo 9.

For a policeman, there can be few things worse than a serial killer at loose in your city.

But she’s a werewolf, so clearly she could just find the Watch, even in the desert There’s no vast riches, innate cool, or super-sex appeal.

We don’t want to have to fight, but by Jingo if we do We’ve got the ships, we’ve got the men, we’ve got the money too.

It sounded like a low, continuous growl. I would suggest that the definition of cunning in the dictionary would have a picture of him next to it, but unfortunately I think somebody beat him to it: Terry explains it thus:. Last week, I criticised Hogfather for being too flabby, for putting the plot on hold all too often.

Toy Soldiers – Jingo

Unseen Academicals The Discworld Series: By using this site, pratchstt agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I was about to say that we cannot afford mercenaries.

Apparently there are “well-documented” cases of this sort of miraculous escape, but it has become a much-parodied staple of Boys’ Own -style fiction. Clever, well written, and exceedingly funny in all the right places and serious as well.

Because, as the war that ripped Yugoslavia apart showed, there can sometimes be strong arguments for countries to jlngo conflict.

Before I fell in love with Granny, I pratchettt a city watch man through and through. Since Carrot is, of course, very much not the King of Ankh-Morpork his reminding of Vetinari is all that is required for Vimes to get his new jiingo and rank. In our world, it does. Hence the term came to mean something worthless, and finally to mean “nothing at all”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Shocked and stressed, with the news playing in its continual loop in the background, I started reading “Jingo” – having no idea what the book was about, only jngo I needed something to distract me.


People followed Carrot out of curiosity. Vetinari takes the submarine and a tub Something wreathed with tentacles rises from the seabed between Klatch and Ankh Morpork, both of which apparently think they need a little more Lovecraftian landscapes in their lives.

Jingo Advertisements stated “The Discworld has come of age”. Of all of Terry Pratchett’s books, the Night Watch series is my favorite, even though so far I’ve read only three: Given that gnome lives are described in that book as ‘nasty, brutish and short’, it seems unlikely that this is the same gnome.

Go and check himout. The word — with derived forms such as ‘jingoism’ and ‘jingoistic’ — became associated with aggressive, militaristic nationalism as a result of a popular song dating from the Turko-Russian war ofwhich began: The idea of putting the watch under the command of Corporal Nobbs is rejected by the ruling Council of Guild leaders and the Watch is disbanded. Shouldn’t be on many favourites lists, but you needn’t actively avoid it when reading the Watch books. We’re always one of Us.

Going Postal The Discworld Series: Mind you, it isn’t as if the Discworld novels would fall into the category of mindless pulp since Pratchett does a really good job a satirising the modern world.

I’ve been working on getting though the Discwo “It was so much easier to blame it on Them.