FASA’s Star Trek RPG, became a major competitor at the time to Task Force Games’ Star Fleet Battles RPG, which, as the first of its kind, had started its releases. This category is specifically for the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game which was published by the FASA Corporation from to Star Trek – The Roleplaying Game Box , , KB. file, The Klingons Boxed , , KB. file.

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I also hope to play it again, perhaps even starting a home campaign. One of the difficulties associated with getting subsequent generations of gamers to play the game is that most of them grew up watching Star Trek: As a result, putting together a game that appeals to the current generation would require a lot of hard-core game redesign, and no one grek the motivation and resources to make that happen.

Still, a man can dream, and he can also lower the barriers to introducing players to the game by creating free gaming aids. I have to include it. Basically, all that concerns me is the idea that someone might sell my work product.

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA) | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Please, by all means, use and share these materials as much as you want. Star Trek Digital is the most ambitious member of this collection. It assists both aspects of the game: The explanations below give you an overview of what the final product will feature, though it will be released soon with only a portion of these features.

This database will be republished continuously as new features are developed. One drawback to this application is that your custom data is stored in the database itself. Ergo, when you download an update, it will delete your data. The application is free. Whether I ever provide that functionality for solar system and ship data remains uncertain. This component stores many eventually, all of the starship models published by FASA.

For an explanation as to what those panels are, see below. Moreover, it has a battlegroup creation tool that allows you to build balanced battlegroups for mass starship battles, and a solar system and planet-creation tool that can be used to instantly create sites if when?

Finally, it includes a nonsentient alien creature creation tool to create the nonsentient inhabitants of a planet. This tool contains a character-creation tool, allowing you to create PCs or NPCs quickly and easily with no mathematical errors.

It will also include the means to create sentient races and determine their technological index. It will also allow you more customization, such as creating your own starship models.

Click here for the current version of the application. Please contact me if you have any bugs or defects to report. I never liked using tiny, cardboard counters to record power.

Star Trek FASA

If someone accidentally hit the table, the counters flew everywhere, and from gaming session to gaming session, your supply of counters always seemed to get smaller as the tiny pieces were lost and eventually swallowed by the vacuum cleaner. Instead of using counters, trfk simply write in the data for their power distribution.

If you insert the panels into some cheap, plastic sheets you can get at any rasa supply store, you can use wet erase markers, which makes erasing even easier. While including the rules for Trsk Rolls during combat, I tried to give each player more than one option for how to make themselves useful during combat.


In fact, only the Navigator has only one roll to make with respect to the Navigation system.

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA)

Even the Chief Medical Officer has a role to play, though only once combat has started. The Sciences Station has a house rule for resolving Bridge Hits. First, on a bridge hit, all bridge personnel must make a DEX saving roll to avoid losing a turn. With such a tactic, targeting the life support systems is a popular choice. Obviously, you can create panels specific to a ship. Every aspect of combat fit nicely onto a single page two-sided, though.

In such a case, each player managed one or starr ships themselves, so it was easier to have. The player still had to calculate total power, allot it to each system i. On top of all of this, players still had to reference charts to tell them how much trem they suffered, how they were damaged if their shields were penetrated, etc. Accordingly, my MCPs use a new system that alleviates just a bit of that complexity. For example, if your forward shield has a maximum power of 14, then you have two choices: Similarly, if your phaser has a maximum power of 6, you have two choices: This simplified your math a small bit for one of your phases, and did so in a way that usually has no effect on combat.

The MCPs I provide assume that house rule. This means two things: Unfortunately, having run it only once, this means that not all of the encounters have been tested. You might have to adjust on the fly if your table runs those encounters. As this is an investigatory adventure with more than one path to success, the GM should assume the need to improvise.

The GM should also note that in an adventure such as this one, what stops the PCs from resolving this mission in 30 seconds is that there are Federation laws and regulations that prevent invasions of privacy and trespass.

The adventure is set in the Original TV Series movie timeline e. The Wrath of Khanso it makes appropriate assumptions. I am overcome with joy that I happened upon your site, Sir!! RPG since Edition One I still have several of the pages that separated from the binding and introduced my wife and children to the game about a decade ago.

I was very disappointed when I learned FASA had stopped producing the source books, and have over the years purchased other game source materials to convert into my campaigns. I absolutely DO have the motivation I was site scanning due to contemplating publishing my own RPG, as I am all the time generating new game systems for my kids to playtest and they are rather impressed with the level of detail and realism I provide but have not had the resources to do much but personal production of material games, adventures, stories for my family and a couple friends throughout the years.

I was impressed with the level of detail you engendered in the control panels as well as descriptions you provided, and at worst I have found a kindred spirit brother I think … at best, I perhaps have stumbled across a partner in a common endeavor.


I have many questions and who knows? I may have something useful for you too … Sincerely, John Massie. I would much appreciate it if you would explain it to me. I am eager for a response, though I realize you must be very busy as well. Hope to hear from you soon! PS- we once had a standard FASA campaign adventure based on a recreational planet called Pokestation Seven … can you guess the kind of fun the characters had there?

I put all the pokemon critters from the original three games into Star Trek critter terms and they were stored in the balls using transporter technology. The formula is out there.

D defense factor and WDF weapon damage factor are included with each entry in the various ship recognition manuals. In any case, I remember thinking that the sample calculation given in the manual looks like they made an error in their own calculations. You have to see it. Also, with respect to well detailed alien races for campaign utilization — do you have many aside from the standard stock? Your dedication has been noted and logged. A promotion may be in order…. I have little free time to blog, let alone update a database application.

My email is rob syndcon. At this point, the application is dealing with only starships.

Are you suggesting I add ships from other frek Hey Frylock, thanks for the resources. At one time I had all of the FASA Trek products published, but marriage to a non gamer and children forced me to sell it off. My new job is demanding. Marriage is about compromise and caring enough about the other person to do what they want sometimes.

Just make sure if she ever does sit down and play, you show her how happy it makes you! Thanks for this site. We never faea into the Roll Playing games,but stuck with our own star ship combat stories. At our peak I had made a 4ftX8ft game table. This allowed us enough room to have multiple ships outside of each others weapons ranges. Reading your site brought back a lot of good memories. A skype type of game? There is a DnD group 40 miles from me, but I work nights and they meet once a month on Thursday trej.

FASA Star Trek RPG Resources | Frylock’s Gaming & Geekery

It rules that out. Your story sounds a lot like mine. You could try the following Yahoo groups:. The Admiral should have had an Arabic name. It still would be funny, but it would allow for him to have a unique name fada well. However the map of the Triangle is missing. By any chance do you know of any good scans of that map? Is it still available? But the fans of pure FASA might want something different…. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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