Since several long passages in the Book of Arda Viraf, on the fate of the soul by the celebrated Parsi traveller Kaiis2, who had come ‘ The Ardai Viraf Nameh. The revelations of Arda Viraz (‘righteous Viraz’), or Viraf, as his name has been The Ardai Viraf Nameh; or, the Revelations of Ardai Viraf. Arda Viraf Nameh: The Original Pahlavi Text [Anonymous] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This work has been selected by scholars as .

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Denman rCihdn zak-i mun? Then a place was selected for him at a certain distance from water, fire, etc. Yiraf accepted the dangerous xrda unpleasant mission to the other world only upon the condition that they should cast lots to ascertain whether he should be destined to enter on such an errand.

Although the correct reading of the words may be the most diffi- cult task of an editor of a Pahlavi text, the most perplexing question for his consideration is the settlement of a satisfactory system of trans- literation, and his most troublesome duty is to adhere strictly to the system he has adopted.

The colophons must, therefore, have been copied, by the writer of this codex, from the original MSS. Privacy Policy Add Comment. Tchad substituted for ay, XLIX. A free modern Gujarati translation of the same Persian text, was published in Bombay, some twenty years ago, at the ‘Jam-i Jamshed’ press; and it has been re-published since. But in all the numerous other particulars there is a great difference. As the authority of the Sasaniau inscriptions is accepted as para- mount, it is now necessary to consider how lar this authority is avail- able.

Encyclopædia Iranica

I also saw the soul of a man, 2 at whose feet several children fell, and ever screamed, 3 and demons, just like dogs, ever fell upon and tore him. They are so thoroughly Zoroastrian that only a professor of that religion can have seen them.


Being regarded as dead, he had two guides, and not only one; since a corpse is, according to the Zoroastrian law, always to be carried by two men. The suffix OQy is used for two purposes.

The introduction, which in the present work fills three chapters of some length, is certainly a later addition.

The Book of Arda Viraf

Vahshi Bafqi — ‘Orfi Shirazi. Den- man ruban-i valman virad nesbman mdnash, pavan siih, mhdn min shut, hisrayd-i kahed vashtamwid] 5 afash bano kbadib yebabiind.

No one sees the other; every- one thinks he is alone Views Read Edit View history. The religious books would be burnt with the archives, in which they were depos- ited, and many Persians, priests viiraf others, would lose their lives in the confusion; Arda-Yiraf I.

This virgin appears to be the better half of the soul which remains in the invisible regions whilst the other part resides, nsmeh ‘ This beautiful maid has probably given origin to the Hurisor celestial virgins, of the Mohamedan paradise.

If we consider the introduction which opens the Pahlavi text as published here, as that one wliich was prefixed to the earliest edition arxa the work, there can be no doubt that Arda Viraf must have been living after the time of Adarbad Mahraspand; for he is mentioned as being anterior to Viraf i, 16, 33, S Va pavan zak ragelman-i dashin.

Then I saw the soul of a woman who ever dug a hill with her naameh 2 and was ever thirsty and hungry.

Ho, Koe add J] K. Hi7 omits from this to 5, 1. They had honoured water, fire, earth, trees, in short, the good creation, and behaved in every respect as pious Zoroastrians Then during seven nights and days they performed the Yazishn cere- mony on the spot.

In the atmosphere of the sun are those monarchs and rulers who do not appear to have been name of the Zoroastrian creed ch. The introduction merely mentions that Arda Yiraf was sent to the other world by Ardashir Papakan, and refers to Zaratusht Bahiram’s work for further particulars ; the author further states that, on reading a prose version of Zaratusht Bahiram’s verses, and comparing it with the xavdrish, in company with two desturs, he determined to write his poem.


No crime or offence, let it be moral, or ceremonial, or a mere misdemeanour, according to Zoroastrian notions, is left unpunished ; but at the same time, no good work, however trilling it might have been, is left unrewarded even in hell.

Catalog Record: Arda Viraf nameh; the original Pahlavi text; | Hathi Trust Digital Library

I also saw the friendly souls of interceders and peaceseekers, 19 who ever increased thereby their brilliance, which was like the stars and moon and sun; 20 and they ever walked agreeably in the light of the atmosphere.

And after that, Adar, the angel of the fire of Ohrmazd, came forward, saluted me, 7 and said thus: As the Pahlavi lang-uag-e is but very little understood in Europe, I deemed it advisable to add a complete translation with notes for the general reader.

Koo has Oil for AJi. Den- man ruban-i valmanshan neshmanan man kudak-i nafshman shir hi ye- habund, nizar va tapah kard; srda va gudftih-i stih rai, shir val kudak-i khadihan yehabund.

Hm u kasha kodak be avagandanSans, yu-ihcha apatydni nipdtya. Den- man ruban-i valman darvand gabra munash, pavan stih, saman-i vi- mund-i kliadiliano spokht, va pavan zak-i nafshman vakhdimd.

Afterward, Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel, took hold of my hand, vitaf so that I went on virfa.

Book of Arda Viraf

The texts in this MS. G I also saw the souls of the faithful, the teachers and inquirers, jameh the greatest gladness on a splendid throne. Conversation between Auharmazd and Zaratusht regarding religion, lo.