21 jan. Modelo de Artigo baseado na ABNT BA. Biblioteca Atualiza. Updated Estrutura de Artigo baseado. na ABNT NBR Pós-textuais. Conforme a ABNT NBR , o resumo no idioma do documento é elemento obrigatório. Constituído de uma sequência de frases concisas e objetivas e. Considerações finais De acordo com a ABNT-NBR é a parte final do artigo na qual se faz referência às conclusões correspondentes aos. Continue to.

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A concise description including core information for the understanding and reproduction of the study.

All pages should be numbered. A clear and concise explanation of the issue, including the study relevance and objectives and limiting citations to a minimum.

All the content of the journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Figures are illustrations such as drawings, photographs, boards, charts, flow charts, and diagrams.

Rev. Bras. Parasitol. Vet. – Instructions to authors

The title should not include any abbreviations or abnh names and Latin words should be italicized. The “full” title and subtitle if any should be presented in the same language of the article and should not exceed 15 words. Description of each item of the manuscript Original title: References abt abstracts presented in conferences or scientific meetings will not be accept. Laboratory, Department, College or School, Institute, University, in this exact order, and the author’s current e-mail.

  ASTM D6182 PDF

It should be informative and present the objectives, a brief description of methods, the main results, and a conclusion.

Veterinary Journalv. Authors are required to send a signed cover letter certifying the entire manuscript is an original unpublished article, except for the Abstract s which may have been presented in scientific gatherings.

Bant Editor-in-chief and assistant scientific editors may make suggestions or aabnt changes to the manuscript but the authors are the exclusively responsible for the entire text content. Acronyms and abbreviations of institution names should come between parentheses and their full names should be spelled out in the preceding text.

It should not exceed words structured in a single paragraph, with no indentations, written in the article’s original language.

ARTIGO: Saiba como formatar o seu

It should be written in English language structured in a single paragraph, with no indentations, and come right after keywords. In this case, a separate conclusion section is required.

The following guidelines should be followed in the manuscript preparation: Footnotes should be placed at the bottom of the applicable page and numbered with Arabic numerals in an ascending order. Keywords should precisely express the manuscript content.

Headings should be concise and descriptive and placed above the tables. Gastrointestinal parasites of urban dogs in Perth, Western Australia. They should have good quality and be sequentially numbered. Digital pictures should be sent in separate files.


The same should apply to all other authors. The related captions should be included in the text after the References.

All manuscripts should be sent to: They should be accompanied by self-explanatory tables, figures or other illustrations as needed. All information should be typed in lower case, except for acronyms, double line spacing, and delivered in separate files.

They should come immediately after the Abstract in the original language of the text, preceded by the expression that designates them. The number of tables in the manuscript should be limited to a minimum, and authors should always bear in mind that large tables are hard to follow.

The content of this section should be informative rather than interpretative. All manuscripts should be typed in Times New Roman font, size 12, page setup with 2.

All manuscripts written in English should have a Portuguese abstract plus keywords. All headings should be preceded by the word Figure numbered with Arabic numerals and places below the figure. The author’s affiliation should be followed by the article’s reference according to ABNT guidelines for full articles.

Reference word s of the document’s content, preferably extracted from a controlled glossary.